Last updated 24/07/19

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This web site is dedicated to enhancing the railway modelling experience by adding automation to a model. This automation could be simply signals which go red when a train passes, level crossing gates which activate when a train approaches or could go as far as full automation where the computer drives all the trains with no operator involvement at all.

There are many approaches to automation on a model, we focus on using either a computer or a microcontroller. Other possibilities include using relays, transistors or logic gates. If you are not proficient with electronics and computers then joining MERG might be worthwhile.

MERG, the Model Electronic Railway Group is a worldwide club promoting the application of electronics to all aspects of railway modelling. Beginners welcomed.

Available on this site is our free software Tcc (Train Control Center). It requires a little programming ability, just as many of these packages do. For an overview of what must be the easiest possible way to fully automate a layout look here

We also use our own intelligent Quadruple Throttle Unit QTU hardware, which can drive the (non-DCC) trains, operate turnouts and signals, and also connect to sensors.

WHATS NEW: CtcDrawings adding complex shapes into cells in the CTC windows.